8 Feb 2011, 8:59pm


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About Me

I needed something to do, something productive.  I have a terrible time trying to budget money, and I am always finding neat projects online/in magazines/on TV.  Therefore, I decided to start this blog to channel my energy into something fun for everybody.  My goal is to create interesting, challenging, occasionally “green”, and sometimes cute things while keeping in mind price and necessity.

A little about me:  My name is Samantha and I am approaching my 25th birthday!  I am a housewife with two degrees; one in English, the other in Writing.  I am married and have one little girl who I will refer to as H.  My husband is absolutely wonderful!  He works from home so he is helping me raise our daughter, as well as taking on as my never ending desire to fix up our home.  We currently reside outside a small community in Missouri and enjoy spending our time traveling.  I feel like I just wrote a very bad resume!

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