Tutorial for Crochet Baby Hat

One day, a few weeks ago, I learned how to make a great baby hat using a puff stitch the other day. J.D. and a friend decided to go kayaking down our creek and Hazel was super worn out and decided to take a LONG nap, so I got to complete a hat…my first attempt and it was good enough to give away as a gift!  The mother to be loved it and J.D. was extremely impressed by my mad skills.  He said, and I quote, “You were more productive than I was and I was kayaking!”  He couldn’t get over the fact that I cranked it out in 3 1/2 hours.  I guess I’m pretty proud of myself too!

Since then, I have produced three more hats.  Unfortunately, I already gave one away as a gift so no photo, but it was almost identical to the one above, just different colors.  The next two were so much fun to make.  I decided it was time to branch out and do color variations!  Two colors in one hat…madness!

To learn how to make these hats (and flowers shown in the first photo), follow the links below.

Check out the hat tutorial here! This woman is a wonderful teacher. I only had to watch it twice to pick up the pattern and I love it!  I did tweak the pattern a bit, which I explain below.

For the flower tutorial, click here.  Super easy!  I used crochet thread and a size E5-3.50 mm hook.  I am somewhat surprised I can still see!

Some more info:

  • The yarn I used is called Cascade Yarns – Pacific.  I bought it from a local lady for $6.50 per bunch (is that the correct term?).  Each “bunch” will make at least two hats…so very affordable!
  • I used a US K10.5/6.5 mm crochet hook.  I really like the way it turned out.
  • My hats are small enough for a newborn, I think…I don’t remember how small my baby’s head was.  However, there is SOME stretch to them.
  • After every puff stitch, I only secured it with a slip stitch and then started the next puff, I did not do a second slip stitch.
  • I did not crochet a fancy border on the bott0m of the hat, I just left it “raw” because I liked the look better.
  • I did the puff ball topper on two of the hats, but not the other two.  It all depends on how fancy you want to get…

Please leave any comments if you have questions!  Enjoy!

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