29 Aug 2011, 11:02pm
Savings Tips


Babies”R”Us 25% Trade In!

I know I said I’d be blogging about baby products and that is totally in the works!  However, I had to do a quick write up about this awesome special that Babies”R”Us is offering.  Instead of writing it all out, I am just going to let the Babies”R”Us website tell you…

Awesome huh?  Wanna know an even better secret that one of my friends (you know who you are) told me.  She goes to yard sales and finds old, used items for cheap and takes them in!  Then she is able to get 25% a new, great product for a friend/sister/baby shower gift!  How smart is she?  Perhaps she should be running CraftyBudget?  Anyway, make sure to take advantage of this offer!